eReminder Professional - Easy Calendar & Reminder

eReminder Professional - Easy Calendar & Reminder

eReminder has a rich set of functionality to aid you in managing...

eReminder has a rich set of functionality to aid you in managing your tasks/appointments/notes. The followings list the basic features of eReminder: eReminder Center View by day, week, month, year, or all tasks/appointments Recurring tasks/appointments If a task/appointment occurs at regular intervals, schedule it regularly.

Show tasks/appointments in different view Displaying tasks/appointments in different view. Flag an appointment with completion Filter Filtering of your tasks/appointments list content.

Filtering appointments to display in calendar. Find Now You can search the tasks/appointments for specific keywords in your tasks/appointments list.

Just show work time Just showing work time you specified in calendar. To-do-list inside Task/appointment entry provides to-do-list sub-table inside, which makes you describe it in details.

Colorful notes Stick notes on the desktop Manage holidays and add holidays to calendar Colors for place/region Providing color to identify different place/region entry.

Powerful Print Customize work weektime Easy of using with rich help Every form provides How-Do-I to help you. State-of-the-art graphic user interface (GUI) Run automatically when the system start Fully functional evaluation The free evaluation version works exactly as the registered version.

eReminder TopBar Show/Hide top bar Prevent notification Show next reminder information Show date and time dynamically Count down when schedule due Customize the display style eReminder Message Read notification content You can specify three kinds of voice to read.

Popup an agent Popup an agent, and read the notification to you. Send notification mails Send message to your specified Email addresses.

Play wave Play any wave file you specified. Execute application Executing any application or opening any file associated with an application Make computer do Computer Log Off Safely Computer Power Off Safely Computer Reboot Safely Computer Shutdown Safely Computer Log Off By Force Computer Power Off By Force Computer Reboot By Force Computer Shutdown By Force Snooze notification Snooz a reminder to make it reminder later.

Dismiss notification Accept a reminder. Play notification Replaying the notification, and doing again the same actions of the notification.

Integration Integrates with Microsoft Outlook Bi-directional synchronization for tasks/appointments/notes between Microsoft Outlook and eReminder Delete any tasks/appointments/notes in eReminder or Microsoft Outlook.

Database Management Compress database Backup database Restore database

eReminder Professional - Easy Calendar & Reminder


eReminder Professional - Easy Calendar & Reminder